Kohin's Story
Kohin was born with severe shaking. His nails and hair didn't grow at all until 18 months when we began him on strong supplements. He wouldn't normally eat anything but on the very rare occasion he would, any food (chunk of banana, cooked noodle...) would come out completely untouched and undigested. He has been a medical mystery, the bits he's been diagnosed with are: Kohin didn't sleep but 20 minutes at a time until he was 3 1/2 years old and doesn't know a day without pain in his life. We have never been able to find a dr that can explain what or why exactly. His specialist in Texas saved his life (which we are eternally grateful for) but pray everyday that we can find a solution that will allow him to be without daily pain and live a happy life. Kohin can only tolerate six foods currently which consist of butternut squash, chicken, limited venison and beef, egg yolk, blueberry juice and then we use ghee and sea salt. For a five year old he is the bravest person I know and rarely ever complains...as a mother, I seek help for him every single day.

Tara Pasholk
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