Kohin's Story
Hi, my name is Tara Pasholk. My husband, Mike, and I are very blessed to have two beautiful sons in our lives. We have a six year old and a three year old.

Three years ago, when our second son Kohin was born, our lives changed drastically. The incredibly beautiful and happy event was also immediately scary and stressful because my tiny baby came into the world shaking horribly. The doctors were very concerned because he was behaving like a child who was going through a chemical withdrawl. They immediately questioned my husband and I if I had done drugs or drank during the pregnancy, which devastated us because I am the type of mother who won’t even drink coffee during pregnancy. His jitters slowly lessened over the four days we were in the hospital and we were sent home. Like the typical newborn, he didn’t sleep well and cried a lot, but we went on our way through life.

Within weeks, Kohin began screaming non-stop and our lives were turned upside down. It was then that we began seeing doctors, in search of answers to what was wrong with our tiny baby. He continued to scream and was in severe pain and he was inconsolable. As his mama, I felt truly helpless.

He would never sleep more than 20 minutes at a time and when it came time for him to begin eating food, he refused and the rare time he did put something in his mouth, it would come out whole and completely undigested. The day I saw a cooked spaghetti noodle come out completely perfect, his doctor and we knew things were much more serious than we had thought.

His stools were nothing but liquid and mucous and he was unable to digest or absorb any nutrients. His hair and fingernails never grew at all the first 15½ months of his life, and this was only after we placed him on very expensive medication and supplements. With all the procedures he went through and all the areas we traveled to, we have figured out he has enteritis, leaky gut syndrome, colitis, esophagitis, bilateral kidney reflux, issues with yeast, bacteria and heavy metals. Kohin is extremely deficient in a very large range of areas and his doctor feels that he has low, if any, digestive enzymes that work properly.

We are currently seeing a specialist in Texas and our yearly costs are as high as $35,000 for out of pocket medical expenses. We feel like we are plummeting over a ledge but will never stop with our search for out little guy. When people ask me "How are you doing?" I simply say we take one day at a time in our lives, for us this means:

One day to research more and find more answers...
One day to hope and pray our little boy will eat that day
One day to pray his little system doesn’t fail and he can continue to survive
One day to keep praying his medication will continue to allow him to eat
One day to continue our search to help our little boy

So we want to say thank you to everyone involved in helping our family, giving us a brighter point in our lives to help our son. Thank you to everyone who is donating money, time, energy or items to this. Thank you for helping us to help our family and our little boy.
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